After 50 years of service, the original structure

had been compromised due to shifting soils resulting in cracks in the foundation and the walls. The foundation was repaired and returned to as level as possible in 2009, providing a stable base for the building. In 2014, a new roof structure was installed over the existing building.  The new roof is installed on its own piers providing a new structure independent of the old foundation.  The multi-phase process of rebuilding McCarty Student Center to improve the facility and modernize the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, communications, and other systems is on-going. The phase that replaced the offices, library/classroom, and game room has been completed.  The staff moved into the new offices in early 2018. New restrooms were completed and placed in service in early 2019.  As much as possible this rebuilding effort is being accomplished by volunteers from the local church (affectionately known as the ‘Geriatric Crew’). Come see how the work is progressing.


How you can help 
In addition to your fervent prayers

for the continued success of this ministry, we need your financial support. All donations are needed and appreciated, but your continued financial commitment is crucial to bring this vision to reality. To this end we have established a bank draft program that enables your easy ongoing monthly donations. McCarty Student Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to which all donations are tax deductible and those participating in the bank draft program will receive a receipt for tax pruposes at the end of the year.  Please email the Board of Directors at for more information.


We have a paypal account setup for one time or recurring donations. To utilize this, click the orange donate button at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions.



What Will Construction Look Like In The Future?
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