Student Development

At McCarty Student Center:

  • Intensive Bible Classes
  • Devotionals
  • One-on-One Bible Studies
  • Retreats
  • Mission Trips
  • Service Projects
  • Social Activities

McCarty Student Center continues to serve as the home

of the campus ministry to this ever expanding Texas State University which now occupies three sides of the McCarty property. The center is truly in the midst of this growing campus. It is here that the campus community of nearly 40,000 people at Texas State University can be reached. Our mission is not only to provide a Christian environment where students can associate with each other during this transitional time of their lives, but to help them continue devloping and strengthening their own faith. During this exciting and challenging time of transition into independent adults, college students will face choices that will influence the paths they take not only through college life but often throughout much of their adult lives. McCarty Student Center provides an environment and a caring staff to guide these young adults in making good choices.

We consider McCarty our students' "home away from home" not only in its physical presence but through its spiritual encouragement in their lives. With Bible studies and group activities, young adult Christians can participate in an environment that encourages growth in Christian principles and knowledge as well as making a lifetime of friends and memories. The proof is in the action of college students and alumni as they teach, preach, evangelize, and serve the Lord's church in San Marcos and throughout the world.